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Glow in the dark Halloween mask

by Nadine

The glow in dark costumes and masks can be available in local and online stores. Some covers are made using LED lights and are extensively used for Halloween and parties. There are two ways from which you can get a face mask. One is from painting your face or any standard face mask. Another way is to get a premade glow in the dark mask.

How can you make it?

First, you have to get a standard-size grocery bag, the one you get while checking out of local supermarkets. Now compress it and make it into a ball shape to make it a bit larger and add some newspapers. In this way, it will look more extensive than an average human head. It depends upon you how bigger you want it. After making it in the required size, you have to bind it using tape. Doing this will help in holding up the shape. Now attach the paper strips, paint them in your desired colors, and use the get in dark pigment and polyester resin. Coat it and make layers of this mixture on the head-shaped mask. Then wait for it to dry. After waiting for some time, you can easily remove the newspaper ball from it. Now make holes for the eyes to see through the mask. And use paints around it. You can also modify it according to your desire, like pointing out ears and a long nose. You can use cardboard to make these shapes. If you find it difficult, you can also coat the bag with other materials or hard setting substances, i.e., plaster. This is a cheaper way of making glow in dark masks for Halloween.

Method to make the mask glow

  • The first method requires the use of white paint. You have to paint the mask with white paint. The reason is that white paint is a good reflector of light because of its wavelength. Also, it is good for undercoating. After that, use pigment mixture on the mask. Then make the layers of glow in the dark paint mixture on it. Let it dry for a few minutes, and enjoy the illumination effects on the mask by turning off the light.
  • The second method is to make a mixture of glow in dark pigment and white paint. Paint this mixture on your mask. You have to give a few more coats to make it ready for Halloween. It is relatively easy as compared to the first method, but the illumination effect is not better than the first method.

LED glow in the dark mask

If you are finding it difficult or want to get a better option, you should go for the option of LED illumination masks. These LED masks are widely available online. You can get these masks in desirable colors and designs. Also, some masks give you the option of many colors. You can control the colors from the remote attached to it. These masks are more reliable if you are finding a glow in the dark masks.

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